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The retail heating oil and propane industry is currently defined by legacy business practices that may have worked for generations but no longer work in today's complex environment. Standard models for operations, finance, and marketing literally cannot deliver the results needed to maintain business viability. This initially forced the entire industry to explore cost cutting measures to preserve the bottom line.

But no business can "save its way to profitability".

Now, the quest has begun for progressive best practices, innovative growth strategies that resonate with a new consumer, efficiency through automation, and the use of online marketing. It is indeed an intimidating new world as businesses navigate cost/benefit analysis, feasibility studies and an endless stream of promising tech solutions.

The cornerstone of the Energy Edge management consultation is the preparation and delivery of business planning services that integrate growth with cost savings, two concepts that must reside together. The services can range from providing for the needs of a small business to meeting the needs of the largest entities.

Common business planning deliverables include:
--- Growth Strategies
--- Development of corporate Key Performance Indicators
--- Feasibility studies
--- Operational Planning and Process Improvement
--- Market Entry Assessments
--- Business Diversification assessment and appraisal

Energy Edge goes beyond planning and participates in execution. No client wants to pay someone to think then walk away. Our consultants work with the business to put the plan into action and achieve the stated goals. This means working closely alongside the management team and filling a host of roles such as liaison, trainer, analyst, speaker and coach. Our plans are consciously flexible to allow for evolution as the business adapts to unforeseen circumstances.

This Process Underlies Our Primary Energy Edge Toolkit:
Demand Models –
We will quantify the possible "futures" for your business or project. What will tomorrow look like and what will you need to do to thrive? We deploy a range of experiential and data driven projections that will help establish a framework for success.

Business Case Development –
A Business Case is "why" you do something to improve your company. After the specific need or pain is identified, we assess the impact of the possible solutions and whether the desired results can be achieved. Then we guide your decision and execution using our experiences in similar situations.

Corporate Capability Planning –
We will develop your company's current skills into market leading capabilities.

Financial Modeling –
Our carefully designed iterative approach to building customized financial or economic impact models on a project or corporate basis to support planning, implementation and execution. This includes turn-around situations and/or pre-sale preparation.